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About Community

Creating Conventions, Sharing Stories, and Supporting You.

Bariatric Community is a growing  network designed exclusively for Bariatric Patients to connect. Our aim? To help you in navigating life after weight-loss surgery while fostering meaningful friendships. Not just a network, we are a community dedicated to cultivating lifelong bonds through genuine fellowship and shared experiences.

Our Commitment

To create a safe space for bariatric patients stepping into their healthiest self, dedicated to learn, heal and connect with other bariatric patients. We believe in the sacredness of a fireside chat and the healing power of happy hour, so coming together virtually or for in-person retreats is the core of Bariatric Community. Our greatest hope is that whether you join us online or at one of our transformative in-person events, we want to empower each and every community member by designating space for validation, support and celebration. 

Why Join Bariatric Community?

  • Connect globally by location with other bariatric patients; Join and host events within your local community.
  • Share your weight loss surgery stories, engage in chat discussions, and access private messaging.
  • Free app download, connect, go live, and unite in one group.
  • A judgement-free, supportive community.
  • Whether it's virtual meetups or our dedicated singles group, we're committed to fostering support and connections.
  • Join our dedicated men's group for meaningful discussions and camaraderie.
  • Join Retreat attendee group for events, connect with fellow attendees and stay updated on upcoming